Great Waiters’ Race

The Great Waiters’ Race is shaping up to be out best one yet with more cafe’s in Seddon than ever there is sure to be some hot competition!

The annual waiter’s race is a competition of skill and speed, as waitstaff from Seddon’s iconic cafes and restaurants compete for the coveted Trophy and title of Seddon’s most agile!

The race is a running race around a course in the middle of Charles Street, located right at the corner of Victoria and Charles Streets, where waiters need to carefully balance a plate. The waiter who crosses the line first with most of their dish intact and glasses full, seddon-postwins!

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Event Information

Check-in is at 12:30pm near the start/finish line (Charles Street and Victoria Street).

Race begins at 1:00pm. Please ensure you arrive early for set up!


There can only be one winner!

First Prize

  • the official GWR Sedfest Cup to be displayed in your restaurant and/or café for the next 12 months
  • Seddon Post Gift Pack; and
  • the restaurant and waiter also receive a perpetual trophy


Great Waiters Race Procedure

The start/finish line is on the corner of Charles Street and Victoria Street. The course loops around the median near Foodworks.

Contestants begin the race with their tray in hand loaded with a provided plate of cake with three berries and a glass of white wine. After completing one lap the contestants place the white wine on a table and pick up a glass of red wine with their corresponding number. Contestants are to then complete one more lap and cross the finish line.

Glasses will have an initial fill line and a minimum required fill line. To qualify,  contestants must have:

  • the minimum volume of wine in both glasses
  • all the cake; and
  • at least two berries on the plate

First contestants across the line who qualifies wins!

Will you be this years winner?

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