Brittany Leo


brittany-leo-1Brittany Leo has a passion for all things music related.  She is a singer, a DJ, a musician and a TV/radio presenter.

In 2016, Brittany was the Music Director for the daily TV Music Program ‘1700’ on Channel 31 which she hosted in 2015.  She also currently hosts her own weekly Radio show ‘PlayON’ on 3SER 97.7FM which showcases Australian talent.  Brittany’s sound originated from a love of rock music and powerful female vocalists and is best described as modern pop rock with electronic dance influences.

With unrelenting dedication Brittany has spent the last fifteen years developing her skills with vocal, DJ, dance, acting and instrument lessons and has been consolidating all of these skills to provide audiences with an amazing live performance.  Brittany has recently completed a Diploma of Screen and Media (TV and Radio) and a Diploma of Modelling.

As recognition for the contribution she has made to her community through her charity work Brittany has received a Holt Australia Day Award, a Creative Young Stars Grant, and has been mentioned in Federal Parliament.  Brittany has worked with some of Australia’s most well-known music producers and songwriters and has built up an impressive list of music industry contacts.

Her debut EP ‘UNDEFEATED’ is available now.  The first single on the EP is called ‘STARTING OVER’ and is about beginning again after experiencing a major life event.  The words will resonate with those who have felt challenged after the end of a relationship or a major health or lifestyle issue and will inspire those who are looking to turn things around and create a positive outcome.  ‘LOUD’ was the second song to be promoted from the EP and is a fun song about being confident, independent and having fun. Follow up songs; Saving Myself, Hitman and Wasted continue the EP’s theme of self-empowerment.

Brittany has gained over 50,000 followers across her social media sites with her soulful, strong vocals and is looking forward to connecting with more people as she moves into the next phase of her career.

Brittany is releasing a new single and a music video early 2017.