Wearin'ItOut_cover_1Dreamboogie. A modern Blues act, Firmly embedded in the Blues, imbued with the original sound that the act works hard to develop…A tight music unit with a reputation for delivering entertaining, engaging, impassioned live performances Drawing upon their individual influences, they are determined to present Blues music that is vital, and attractive to today’s audiences. Since the formation of the group, in early 2010, they have appeared at many festivals, toured Australia, performed live to air on radio, and built a solid following in their home town.

Recently the band went to Memphis USA. (February 2016)

Competed and were semi finalists in the International Blues Challenge……

Sydney Blues & Roots                                         NSW               2015,2016    

Broadbeach Blues Festival                                QLD                2012-2013-2014-2016

Port Douglas Carnival                                          QLD                2016-2017

Airley Beach Blues & Roots Festival               QLD                2015

Bridgetown Blues Festival                                  WA                  2013-2014

Goulburn Blues Festival                                      NSW               2011 -2012 – 2013- 2014-2017

Docklands Blues Music Festival                       VIC                 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017

Glenmaggie Blues                                                   VIC                2017-2018

Echuca Blues Festival                                           VIC                 2012 -2013-2014-2017

Halls Gap Jazz & Blues Festival                         VIC                 2017

Invelock Jazz & Blues Festival                           VIC                 2017– 2018

Melbourne Fringe Festival                                   VIC                 2015,2016

Adelaide Fringe Festival                                      SA                    2015-2016   

Goal Blues Festival                                               SA                  2016 -2017

Humpty Doo Blues Festival                                 NT                       2016-2017

International Blues Challenge Memphis          USA                    2013 – 2016

Dreamboogie will perform at 12:15pm on the Bendigo Bank Stage #1 (Gamon St. near Charles).