MAPA_SeniorsAt Melbourne Academy of Performing Arts…..we inspire, develop and nurture skills and confidence in every individual performer by finding their passion, guiding them to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be.  Our Vision for MAPA goes so much deeper than simply teaching children how to DANCESINGACT or PLAY an instrument.  MAPA is a place where we share great moments in the lives of young people, make new friends, marvel at those giving their best, explore new things, share a smile and learn the importance of how to fully express ourselves in life.

Our Teachers and Mentors are the best in the business.  We work towards Performance goals and provide regular opportunities for our students to perform.

Skills learnt at MAPA will not only have the potential to prepare students for careers in Dance, Music & Drama, but will stand them in great stead to excel in all areas of their academic education.  MAPA is unique in our holistic approach to the development of the Individual.

MAPA is a hub of expert advice for Performers at every level.  We invite you to come and discuss your specific requirements.  Our promise is to listen, engage and answers your questions so we can assist in providing a program of activities designed to fulfil your aspirations and dreams. Come and be inspired!]

You can catch them at 2:40pm on our Community Stage #2 (Victoria St. neat Buckley).