Mighty Horse


MHlaughgraded[Hear 3 of these guys with Speed Orange on ‘The Sounds of Seddon Festival’ CD….Tr. 20!]

Mighty Horse is a ragged bunch of Melbournites doing their best to play quiet folk songs with loud voices. Rambling and a little shambolic Mighty Horse owe a serious creative debt to troubadours like the Felice Brothers and The Band.

Harmonium, Stomp, Banjo and guitars colour lyrics that explore life (with possibly a few too many tree metaphors).

Mighty Horse is about to reveal their debut LP ‘The Bottle and the Whip’ recorded live on a farm in the goldfields of Castlemaine Victoria, listen carefully and you can almost hear the Cicadas.

These gentlemen will perform for you at 1:15pm on the Bendigo Bank Stage #1 (Gamon St. near Charles).