Mike Rudd Trio

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The Mike Rudd trio B&W Mike, George and Jeremy

It was in 2009 at the Mt Beauty Music Muster that Spectrum’s Mike Rudd was in a bar having a chat with accordion-meister George Butrumlis, when George casually mentioned that one day he’d like to have a crack at some of Mike’s songs. At that stage Mike wasn’t considering an outfit with piano accordion, but he kept it in the back of his mind for future reference. The possibility of putting together an acoustic-style band gained momentum after his long-term musical companion and co-founder of Spectrum, bassist Bill Putt, died suddenly in 2013. Finally, mid-way through 2016, Mike decided the moment had arrived. As well as being partial to piano-accordion, Mike’s always favoured the sound of a double bass – and then he remembered running into ace bassist Jeremy Alsop when Jeremy was working on a project with harpist/singer Mary Doumany. Although Jeremy’s reputation is principally as a jazz-fusion bassist, (he was cofounder of the fusion band Pyramid), Mike gritted his teeth and put the proposition anyway – and, to his delight, Jeremy readily agreed to be involved.

The Mike Rudd trio’s repertoire is drawn from the occasionally confronting, often witty, but never less than intriguing catalogue of songs penned by Mike Rudd (and his alter–ego My Crudd) from the early ‘70s to the present day. There are the singles of course, like the most famous of all Rudd’s songs, I’ll Be Gone (Someday I’ll have money), followed by Murtceps’ Esmeralda and Ariel’s Jamaican Farewell, but most of the material is drawn from the albums, such as Spectrum Part One and Milesago, Spectrum’s alter-ego band The Indelible Murtceps’ Warts Up Your Nose, Ariel’s A Strange Fantastic Dream and Rock & Roll Scars. There are even newer songs too, and now Mike has a new palette to play with in the trio, perhaps we can anticipate new era of Rudd-songs to emerge. In the meantime you can enjoy watching and listening to Mike Rudd’s evolution from a well-established rock artist to singer/songwriter/raconteur playing an accessible version of his inimitable oeuvre with a couple of the best musicians around.

The Mike Rudd trio sees piano accordionist George Butrumlis (Black Sorrows, Zydeco Jump, The Purple Dentists and Raga Dolls) and bassist Jeremy Alsop (Ron Charles Band, Allan Zavod, The David Chesworth Ensemble) joining Spectrum’s main man, Mike Rudd, in an acoustic-skewed reappraisal of his previously all-electric output. Mike Rudd is best known for writing Spectrum’s 1971 national number one hit single, I’ll Be Gone (Someday I’ll have money), but he also wrote the majority of the material in the subsequent 20th century albums produced by Spectrum, The Indelible Murtceps, Ariel, Mike Rudd & the Heaters and WHY, which amounts to a considerable legacy.

They are looking forward to performing for you at 3:45pm on the McGrath Real Estate Stage #3 (cnr. Charles & Victoria Sts).