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Flambè the Chef (Fun Arts Creative Entertainment)


Flambé the Chef is performed by Collin Bogaars who has over fifteen years performance experience both nationally & internationally.  Flambé has been seen at fine food & wine festivals around town, at events like the Melbourne Food & Wine festival, the Taste festival in Tasmania, La Festa in Griffith, World Food Fare Dandenong, many a shopping centre, library, corporate event and  product launch etc.

Collin will also present an exciting, interactive street activity called “Keeping the Beat”!

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Andres Duque – juggler

Andres Colinopiongo

Andres is a native of Bogota, Colombia.

He began graffiti/street art at age of 14 and juggling at 18 when he decided to travel overland to Argentina. He has had the opportunity to see almost all countries in South America…..Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil…….finally arriving in Argentina after 4 years traveling on the road!  He attended some juggling conventions in these countries and also learnt jewellery making, incorporating Macramé.  After returning to Colombia, he continued to travel doing circus shows as well as studying German as he had the opportunity to live in Germany for 1 year.  He was based in Berlin for 5 months, doing circus shows for a couple of festivals and then performed around Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, France, Belgium and Spain. While intending to return to Colombia, Andres fell in love with an Aussie girl in Bogota and she (thankfully for us!) convinced him to come in Australia, arriving here 2014, where he continues to do circus shows, street art and some jewelery making.

Andres was ‘discovered’ by our Entertainment Manager while juggling at a Carlton intersection in early 2017.

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The Kazoos – Elsie the Elephant, Mama RooSafari Guide

Mama Roo Elsie Safari_hiRes