Westside Roller Derby Dollz

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We are the West Side Derby Dolls.  We have been rolling around the west since 2010 and have been a “bouting” league since November 2012.  In 2015 WSDD were lucky enough to attend TGSS, the biggest derby event on this side of the equator!

Roller derby is one of the world’s fastest growing sports.  It is played on quad roller skates and in two teams of five skaters on the track at a time.  It involves agility, speed, strength and strategy.  At the adult competition level, it is a highly skilled, full contact sport.  At a junior recreational level, emphasis is on foundation skating skills, team work, fitness and fun, with games being played according to non-contact, modified rules.

Think you can skate?  Come to SedFest and check out these rollin’ girls and their amazing skills!